Almost all games by Mad Studio involve combat in some form and a vast arsenal of weapons are seen throughout the games. In most cases, different weapons are purely cosmetical skins of the base weapon in the game.

Darkness series

Weapons in Darkness series spawn randomly around the map, usually in closets or on top of shelves and tables. Each weapon has unique statistics and some may spawn less frequently than others. The default weapon for survivors in both games is simply known as the Pistol, while the Beast always carries the scythe.

Darkness 1

  • Scythe
  • Pistol
  • Deagle
  • Shotgun
  • Sniper rifle
  • (incomplete list?)

Darkness 2

Intense Swordfighting

Intense Swordfighting has a plenty of different kinds of swords, each with their unique special kill effect.

The Mad Murderer

The Mad Murderer has a few knife skins, but only one revolver. 

Mad Paintball

Mad Paintball has several different paintball guns. They can be equipped to any class or character, most of them also change the paint shot colour pool for the wielder of the skin.

Mad Paintball 2

Mad Paintball's sequel has more complex and realistic guns that are class specific.

Mad Games

Mad games has plenty of knife skins as well as revolver skins. Some of the guns in the game are incorrectly labeled as revolver skins, as some skins that were added to the game in recent patches were other kinds of small handguns. Most knives have an unique kill effect, which can be transferred to any gun skin of choice by purchasing the Effect Transfer game pass.

Jury Rigging

Large variety of different kinds of weapons and tools can be crafted in Jury Rigging. A few weapons have alternate skins that can be applied to them in the loadout menu.