Weapon Crates are wooden crates with an assault rifle spray painted on all sides through a template and metallic support structure built on crates of tier 2 and up. They are purchased in order to unlock new weapons in Mad Paintball 2. There are 4 tiers of crates, each containing a random weapon from their respective tier, but never giving out duplicate items. Once player has unlocked all weapon skins the crate has to offer, it becomes grayed out in the shop and is unable to buy before new items are added in the game.

Tier Image Contents Price (Rubies)
Tier 1 Weaponcrate 1 Archibald, Blood Night, Bloxy Blaster, Earthshaker, Krieg, Pew Pew, Reibel, Sten, Tidebringer, Tribal, Watchman, Xtermin8or 25
Tier 2 Weaponcrate 2 Ashmaker, Asterisk, Breathtaker, Chrome, Cupcake, Dominus, Fjord, Griffin, Paintball Pro, Stalker, Tommy Gun, Tozka 70
Tier 3 Weaponcrate 3 Annabelle, Bertha, Bouncer Blaster, Comrade, Destiny, Kawaii, Loop, MAC-10, Snow-Off, Triforce, Victoria 300
Tier 4 Weaponcrate 4 AWM, Fission, Gauss Gun, iRifle, Mogul, Murderer, Solarius, Stretton, Vox, Yorick 1000