Walther, or Walt for short, is a weird fella with wild imagination. So wild in fact that one of his imaginary friends, Cupcake, became to life. Thus, she became one of his favourite subjects in his drawings.
- Walther's Mad Paintball description
Character Information
Gender Male
First Debut The Mad Murderer (as Walt)
Relations Cupcake (creation)
Status Active
Jury Rigging Statistics
Did he debut? Did not debut
Mad Paintball Statistics (expand)
Mad Paintball Statistics (collapse)
Class Sniper Rifle
Health 80 HP
Walk Speed 14
Max Damage 30 - 150
Clip Size 1
Fire Rate 0.7 Shots/s
Cost (robux) 800 ROBUX
Level 25 + 6% Life Points
Level 50 + 14% Walk Speed while scoping
Level 75 - 20% Reload Duration
Level 99 + 13% Life Points

Walther was a new character added in the X-Mas Update in The Mad Murderer, and is a premium sniper character in Mad Paintball.


Walt is a male who has brown hair and the Chill face. He wears a green shirt with a brown jacket over it. He also has white pants and black shoes with golden stripes on the sides.

Paintball Abilities

  • He has the highest health out of all snipers, reaching 95 health at Level 99.
    • Though each of his health bonuses can be reached by certain levels, he is still, however is not safe from Adriel's headshots if Adriel has the same, or higher level than Walther was.
  • He doesn't need to charge which is a trait shared by Angel and Adriel.
  • He's third fastest sniper in the game after Red and Drew.
  • Very fast reload and fire rate allowing him to shoot quickly.
  • His high headshot damage can defeat every sniper in the game, almost every Shotgunner in the game (except Hans and Nico), and even low-health riflers, such as Noob, Henry, Blaze, Susan or even Jimmy.
  • He lost his range damage increase in the December update, but still kept his bullet drop.


  • In his portrait, Cupcake is seen by his right shoulder.
  • His appearance is based on one of nettimato's outfits.
  • His name appears as Walt in TMM so players can spell it easily.
  • Walt used to have a damage increase the further he was from a target and charge before the update.
  • Walt used to have a maximum of 85 HP before the update with level buffs.
  • His original damage was 80 - 250 (144 - 450 with the max distance boost) before the update.
    • Therefore, he used to deal the highest damage (tied with Flinn).
  • His firing sound may be based on the Heatman's Heatmaker on TF2.
  • Before the Premium Update, the requirements to unlock Walther were:
    • Own Angel
    • Total Character Level: 410
    • Cost: 195,000 Credits
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