is a Tier 4 sniper rifle in Mad Paintball 2.


The Vox is a sniper rifle based on the Vox Burstgun in Bioshock Infinite, although in Mad Paintball 2 it will operate like other sniper rifles. It has a wooden stock and foregrip, a large metallic heat sink or silencer attached to the barrel, and it is covered in red rags. Rather than traditional scope, the Vox has a single lens with reticule drawn on it, attached to a gyroscope at the end of a metallic arm. It also sports a magazine under the receiver, but it is never changed - instead, the bolt is pulled backwards and released, loading in a new unit of ammunition to the chamber from an unlimited ammunition supply.


  • The rags around stock, magazine and foregrip originally used WoodenPlanks material, but they were changed to Plastic because loleris complained about the texture quality of the original material.
  • The optics are very loosely attached, as the gyroscope will flip during equip and firing animations and spins around multiple times both horizontally and vertically when poked during inspect animation. This would render any realistic weapon constantly inaccurate due to aiming reticule getting slightly off center after every movement.