Virus is a secret character in Jury Rigging, unlocked by obtaining the "Unsanitary" badge. He is also a tier 4 character card in Mad Games.


Virus has a grayish red skin covered in black and bright red patterns. He has muscular body type much like Jack, and his head is a large red and black eyeball with a yellow iris and a slit pupil.


"Once known as Mr. Smith, is now a carrier of an unidentified virus. Many believe he was a test subject, but in reality he simply ignored all sanitary acts."

Sound Effects


  • Created by SongOfSilence.
  • Virus was originally meant to be a playable character in Mad Paintball.
  • He can laugh and scream without having a visible mouth.
    • The "WRYYY" sound effect is a reference to Dio Brando from Jojo bizarre adventure stardust crusaders videogame.
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