Turbine is a Mad Paintball map playable only on Capture the Flag gamemode. Turbine is set on a facility. It is also revised for Mad Paintball 2.


Map Analysis

The map's layout is pretty easy to recognize as both teams' bases are symmetrical to each other.

Players spawn in a room that faces the biggest room in their base.

The stair to the left leads to the flag in a room to the left and a hallway on the right while there's a small hallway in the front of the room that leads directly to the turbine room (Biggest room in the map).

The hallway is full of crates and hiding spots, perfect for cover and ambushes when trying to capture the flag.

There's a small room to the right end of the hallway before a staircase that leads to the center turbine room.

In there, is a ladder that goes in a chamber that leads to the top deck.

This map is inspired by a Team Fortress 2 map with the same name.

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