Tranquility is a Mad Paintball map playable on Arena and King of the Hill game modes. It was the first map added to the game and was created by Zomebody. This map is also revised for Mad Paintball 2.

Map Analysis

Tranquility has several community-named areas:

The Cliff/Waterfall

It is located near the control point, on the other side of the lake around it. It offers a good camping spot to surprise enemies trying to capture the point. It is commonly used by snipers.

The Village

It is a withered area with dried trees and five buildings. Four of the buildings can be entered. The Village is beneficial for characters emphasizing close quarters combat, like mini-gun or shotgun characters, as it offers numerous points to hide and surprise attack the enemy at close range. It also serves as an alternate route to approach the control point.

Red Base

It is a wooden building with a Rouge top in which the red team spawns in. There are several sniping positions and many entrances. There are two floors.

Blue Base

It is a blue lab-like building in which the blue team spawns in. There aren't much sniping positions there, so the snipers often venture out of the base near the control point to scope. There are two floors.

Control Point

It is the metal octagonal plate in the center of the map near the Waterfall/Cliff. Players must stand on the control point until the number of seconds to control it is reached and the control point is captured.


There are two choices to vote for this map: KoTH_Tranquility, and Arena_Tranquility.


  • Tranquility once held the CTF game mode.
  • The control point is slightly offset; the game requires the control point to be in the absolute center of the map.
  • This was the first/original map in the game.
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