Tony mpb


Character stats
Class Rifle
Life Points 155 HP
Walk Speed 16
Max Damage 26-32
Clip Size 30
Fire Rate 4.2 Shots/s
Requirements Unlocked at start
Cost 22,500 Credits/75 Robux

Level 25

  • +13% Accuracy

Level 50

  • -29% Projectile Drop

Level 75

  • +3% Walk Speed

Level 99

  • +6% Life Points

Tony is an unlockable rifle class character in Mad Paintball.


He is a white male with brown spiky hair , wears a blue Adidas hoodie, blue jeans, and white shoes. Tony has the same pants as Nick and Jen. He also has a "Shiny Teeth" face on him.

Paintball Abilities

  • Tony, compared to Tom, has a bigger range of max damage and has the same fire rate, but is slower than him.
  • He has the general speed of a rifle class character, and has a rather low price, along with being one of the unlocked characters at the start (the others being Helen and Tom).


"Tony is slightly overestimating his skills, but it does not mean he is a loser! At least in his opinion..."


  • Tony also appears in the game the Mad Murderer.
  • His fire rate got buffed from 3.8 Shots/s to 4.2 Shots/s during the character stats update.

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