As the face of The Mad Murderer, Tom has no problem shooting other people in the face. He loves being the team lead and will not tolerate anyone standing in his way.
- Tom's Mad Paintball description
Character Information
Gender Male
First Debut The Mad Murderer
Status Active
Jury Rigging Statistics
Type Secret Character
Unlocked by Defender of ROBLOX HQ Badge (MG1)
Voiced by TBD
Mad Paintball Statistics (expand)
Mad Paintball Statistics (collapse)
Class Rifle
Health 160 HP
Walk Speed 17
Max Damage 25 - 30
Clip Size 30
Fire Rate 4 Shots/s
Requirements None (Unlocked at start)
Cost (credits) 60,000 Credits
Cost (robux) 200 ROBUX
Level 25 + 3% Life Points
Level 50 + 4% Body Damage
+ 3% Head Damage
Level 75 + 3% Walk Speed
Level 99 + 5% Fire Rate

Tom is the most recurring character in the games created by Mad Studio. He is apart of the original cast of characters in the Mad Murderer, is an unlockable character in Mad Paintball, a secret character in Jury Rigging, and is the primary mascot of the franchise, appearing in large portion of game thumbnails, game passes, and other promotional material. There is also a knife skin based on him in Mad Games.


Tom is a male with pointed reddish brown hair and a pair of sunglasses, as well as the "Huh?" face. He wears a black and aqua hoodie with a white shirt underneath. A black wristband appears to be worn on his left arm. He also has black pants and shoes.

Paintball Abilities

  • Tom is an average rifle class character.
  • At level 0, he shares the same health as Shedletsky, but after level 25 he obtains the standard rifleman health which is also shared by Peter and Chazz.
  • His health recovery is not as good mainly because of his high health.
  • His speed makes him 5th fastest rifle after BlazeCliffHenry and Noob.
  • Tom has normal lethal range, and compared to Tony, he moves faster, and has more health, but fires slightly slower, and deals less damage. However, at Level 50, his damage rises, with his body damage equal to Tony's, but his head damage still lower. At Level 75, Tom's walk speed increases by 0.5, and at the last level, his fire rate is the same as Cliff's, and Tony's.


  • Tom often appears in the games' thumbnails, usually portrayed as rather nervous or accident-prone.
  • Tom was the first rifle character added to the game, thus the stats of all other rifle class characters were derived from him.
  • Loleris wore his T4V (The 4th Vector) uniform, occassionally with a trooper helmet (the one Gordon also wears) prior to starting The Mad Murderer project. He took the appearance of the character who was essentially named after the abbreviation of the game's name, Tom, some time before the official launch date of TMM.
  • In Jury Rigging, he automatically appears in player's inventory if they have defeated the laser cat boss while surviving at the same time in Mad Games. So far, there is no unique voice set for him yet.
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