Tile Swap
Tile Smasher
is a gamemode in Mad Games, and The Mad Murderer 2.


Players are placed on an arena with coloured glass panels. Every player is given a knife, but it cannot harm anyone directly. Instead, players must use the throwing knives to break the glass panels in order to cause opposing players to fall to their death. To win, make the other players fall off of the arena before the timer runs out.

The gap formed by a single broken panel can be jumped over, but as tiles never respawn, surface to walk on gradually shrinks throughout the match.

Players were to fall all the way to the bottom if they died. Once the 2.05 happened, players would fall for a short period of time, and die the same death effect as the Energy Knife.


  • The Tile Smasher gamemode was inspired by Spleef.
  • The portrait shows Tom spleefing Adriel out of the blue glass arena.
  • Tom's knife skin is unobtainable in game.