• Hey guys! If you here, that means your interested in helping out in our major leap from Mad Murderer to Mad Studios Wiki! So here's how it will work.  

    For memebers who want to join a certain division, (Which can be more than one.) just comment what division you want to join below! I will send each of you a message on your message board regarding the matter of letting you know if your in the division or not, and of course the rules and regulations and all that made by your new division leader.  (Click on the following link to see a list of Division Leaders.

    For members who want to become Leaders of a Division, (You can only be one leader of certain division.) you must make a new forum discussion (Within the Secretary's Help Desk board), and anwsers the questions on this page. If you do not know how to do this on your own without asking for help, then you wouldn't be fit for applying for Divison Leader.  (After you've submitted a application, please give a least a day or two to get a notification that your application is pending/ being reviewed. You will be notified via message board of any descisions made.) 

    Requirements for Division Leaders: 

    Must have been on the wikia for at least a month.

    Must have the "Contributed to A Wikia for A Week" Badge

    Must have at least 50 edits.

    Have a complete profile. (Meaning a descrition of yourself, a profile image, and anything extra you want to add.)

    Good luck everyone, and Have A MAD-TASTIC DAY. 


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    • One applicator has met no requirments but one. Just stating.

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    • Tehblakdeath wrote:
      One applicator has met no requirments but one. Just stating.

      (I know. :P)

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    • A FANDOM user
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