The Mad Murderer
Created date: 4/7/2014
Developer(s) loleris
MAD Studio
Genre(s) Adventure
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The Mad Murderer is a survival game developed by MAD Studio.



The Classic game mode occurs the most commonly in The Mad Murderer, and is regarded as the main gameplay of the whole game. The concept:

As an innocent bystander, the player must avoid the murderer and witness his or her crimes. They can become a sheriff when they touch a revolver surrounded with sparkles after the sheriff is killed.

As a sheriff, the player must identify the murderer and kill him or her. Killing an innocent bystander will also kill the sheriff, allowing any other living bystander to become the sheriff.

As the murderer, the player's goal is to kill all the bystanders while at the same time avoiding the sheriff. The murderer has special abilities, such as Identifier, Bulletproof, Fury, Laser Knife, Exploding Knife, Invisiknife, and Spam Knife to make surviving or killing the murderer more difficult.

All players have access to a shop where they can buy knife textures, murderer abilities, and gear to bring into the rounds. Besides abilities, items bought are cosmetic.

Murderer Madness

The Murderer Madness game mode occurs every five to seven rounds in a row. The concept:

Everybody is given a knife, with their customizations, as well as the murderer ability. The game clock starts at 100 seconds, having the knife 10 seconds after. Every person killed adds 10 more seconds onto the round, and the round ends when there is one person left standing.

The Identifier and Disguiser abilities do not work in this game mode.


Every round, each player is selected to play one of these characters.

The Mad Murderer Characters
Males AdamAdrielAxelBenBillyCliffClutchDaveDennisDrewDukeEliahEthanFabioFlinnFrancisFrankFredGarryGordonHansHarryJackJeffJimmyJohnKevinLarryLeeLuisMartinMikeNemoNickNolanOttoPaulPeterRedRickRossShermanSteveTomTonyWalther
Females AngelAnnaCallieChazzJenJessiJulieKatLaraMaisyRitaRoseSarahSigneSummerSusan
Removed CharlieChristopherDavidGregJonasJosephRalph
Playable characters
Adam Adriel tp Anna tp Angel tp Axel Ben
Adam Adriel Anna Angel Axel Ben
BillyFinal Callie Chazz tp Cliff Clutch1 Dave
Billy Callie Chazz Cliff Clutch Dave
Dennis tp Drew DukeFinal Eliah Ethan Final Fabio
Dennis Drew Duke Eliah Ethan Fabio
FlinnFinal Francis Frank FredFinal Garry1 Gordon
Flinn Francis Frank Fred Garry Gordon
Hans Harry tp Jack Jeff Jen tp Jessi
Hans Harry Jack Jeff Jen Jessi
JimmyFinal John JulieFinal Kat Kevin Lara
Jimmy John Julie Kat Kevin Lara
Larry Lee tp LuisFinal Maisy Martin Mike
Larry Lee Luis Maisy Martin Mike
Nemo Nick Nolan-0 Otto Paul Peter
Nemo Nick Nolan Otto Paul Peter
Red Rick Rita Rose Ross-0 Sarah tp
Red Rick Rita Rose Ross Sarah
Sherman-0 Signe Steve Summer SusanFinal Tom
Sherman Signe Steve Summer Susan Tom
Tony Walt
Tony Walther

The characters enlisted below have been removed from the game for one reason or another.

Removed characters
Charlie Chris David Greg Jonas Joseph
Charlie Christopher David Greg Jonas Joseph


THE SEQUEL IS OUT: The Mad Murderer 2!

The Mad Murderer is the classical Mad Studio hit that has been destroying the Roblox charts for months after release! One murderer, one sheriff and plenty of innocents that desperately try to survive!

- as of 11/4/17

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