Susan's taste of music has been widely [criticized] by other people hearing her epic radio. But what other songs would a dedicated Justin Bieber fangirl play?
Susan's Mad Paintball description

Susan mpb


Character stats
Class Rifle
Life Points 140 HP
Walk Speed 16
Max Damage 25-30
Clip Size 30
Fire Rate 5 Shots/s
Requirements Character(s) required
  • Julie

Total Level Character: 125

Cost 90 000 Credits

Level 25

  • +25% Health Recovery

Level 50

  • +17% Clip Size

Level 75

  • -9% Reload Duration

Level 99

  • +6% Firing Rate

Susan is an unlockable rifle class character in Mad Paintball


She is a white female with brown hair topped with ribbons. She wears golden shutter shades and a black studded bracelet, along with a turquoise flannel-patterned jacket with a black tank top underneath. She also has blue jeans, and wears white shoes.

Paintball Abilities

  • Susan has very long lethal range, so her damage won't drop at all until the bullet reaches medium range. Once the damage falloff starts to kick in her shots, her damage is reduced to minimum very fast.
  • Before the damage falloff comes in effect, the mixture of Susan's high damage and fast fire rate make her one of the most dangerous rifles in close-medium range.
  • She has average speed shared with Peter, Tony, Chazz and Zero.
  • Average reload speed.
  • Fast health recovery, because her health is below average, which is further boosted at level 25


  • Susan also appears in the game the Mad Murderer
  • In-game, the word criticized is misspelled as critisized in her description.
  • Her health was reduced from 165 HP to 140 HP during the character stats update, with her fire rate having increased from 4.3 to 5 shots per second.
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