Summer mpb


Character stats
Class Shotgun
Life Points 135 HP
Walk Speed 19
Max Damage 108-138
Clip Size 10
Fire Rate 2 Shots/s
Requirements Starter

Level 25

  • +3% Walk Speed

Level 50

  • +13% Maximum Distance

Level 75

  • +7% Life Points

Level 99

  • +20% Clip Size

Summer is a starter shotgun class character in Mad Paintball.


She is a white female with blonde hair in pigtails, wears nerd glasses, a black short top, and blue jeans with black shoes. Summer has the Mr. Chuckles face.

Paintball Abilities

  • 6 bullets per shot.
  • Summer is a very effective character, even though she is always available to any player.
  • She has enough damage to quickly dispatch of most targets at close range, magazine size large enough to provide chances against multiple targets, as well as overall good movement speed.
  • Her stats on level 0 are the same as Billy's. Comparing them on level 99, Summer has higher health, larger magazine and slightly longer effective range, but she moves, regenerates health and reloads her weapon slower.
  • Summer is easily used by beginners, along with Billy.


"Nothing could stop Summer from messing around with her friends! Having just arrived from boot camp, she decided it was fit to spend her leisure time shooting noobs in the face."


  • Summer's picture appears in Julie's hideout with a knife through it, which means that Julie hates Summer.
  • Summer may have behavior problems, due to the fact she was sent to boot camp.
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