Stock Revolver
Stock Revolver
is the only revolver skin in the Mad Murderer and a tier 0 revolver skin in Mad Games, being the default revolver in both games. It also appears in Darkness 2 as a semi-rare weapon drop, simply known as "Revolver".


It is a revolver with pear grip, thoroughly decorated with patterns. The Mad Murderer and Mad Games variants are otherwise identical in aesthetics, but the Mad Games version uses different sounds.


In the Mad Murderer and Mad Games, it can kill almost any target in one hit, excluding murderers with the Bulletproof ability in the Mad Murderer and the Juggernaut in Mad Games.

In Darkness 2, it is a powerful handgun with small ammo capacity and slow reload, being the successor of the Deagle pistol in Darkness 1.

  • Damage: 18-22
  • Rate of Fire: 2 per second
  • Reload time: 3 seconds
  • Ammo per reload: 6
  • Ammo reserve: 6