The Solarius is a sniper rifle in Mad Paintball 2.


The Solarius is a futuristic sniper rifle with a black and white frame and yellow decorative lights. A large glowing battery is attached under the receiver, in the place of magazine. Majority of its barrel is covered by a set of four white wings that expand outwards while firing and open up for a spin while reloading, also revealing a device that is very similar to the battery as a part of the barrel. The scope turns black when reloading and a sun symbol appears on a display to indicate reload progress.


  • Inspecting the weapon reveals that the scope is powered by an artificial intelligence. The center of the sun symbol blinks, looks around like an eye and stops staring at the player and winks, letting out a happy series of beeps before the weapon returns to normal state.
  • The name, colouring and the reload progress symbol imply that the weapon is solar powered.