Signe lived, then died, then lived again. As a zombie, her energy constantly drains from her shots...
- Signe's Mad Paintball description
Character Information
Gender Female
Jury Rigging Statistics
Mad Paintball Statistics (expand)
Mad Paintball Statistics (collapse)
Class Sniper
Health 60 HP
Walk Speed 10
Max Damage 1 - 20 (25 - 200)
Clip Size 1
Fire Rate 0.7 Shots/s
Cost (robux) 1,500 ROBUX
Level 25 +13% Projectile Velocity
Level 50 +13% Walk Speed while scoping
Level 75 -10% Reload Duration
Level 99 -20% Reload Duration

Signe is a Premium sniper class character in Mad Paintball, a playable character in The Mad Murderer, a tier 4 character card in Mad Games, and a craftable character in Jury Rigging.


Signe is a green-skinned zombie with long black hair who wears a ripped black tank top, green shorts, a single black shoe, and a black cap with goggles. She has a drooling face.

Paintball Abilities

  • Signe, is overall, a hard-to-use sniper for newer players because of her high dependence on quickscopes to score kills.
    • In the Mad Paintball selection menu, her maximum damage claims to be 1-50 (1 damage for a body shot, and 50 for a headshot). That is false. Her maximum damage is 200 damage on headshots and 25 damage on body shots. The script reads off of the damage of 100% charged scopes.
    • While in scope mode, her charge bar quickly fills like other snipers, but the more charge she has, the less damage she deals, meaning she has to quickscope if she wants to kill someone.
  • She has the 5th highest health out all snipers, after Walther, Red, Keith and Harry.
  • She has the second slowest speed out of all snipers (preceding Keith).
  • She has very fast reload, allowing her to quickscope much easier. Her last 2 boosts make it even shorter.
  • Even when her scope is fully charged, she is still capable to one shot some of the low-health Snipers (Flinn, Drew, Julie, and Adriel) each at full health.


  • Signe is one of the latest characters in TMM along with Angel, Ross, Callie, Larry, Sherman, Jessi, Drew, Nolan, Garry and Clutch.
  • Signe was one of the few MPB debutants to be added in the Mad Murderer.
    • The other MPB debutants are Drew and Angel. (Red may be considered as an MPB debutant, but he originally started in TMM.)
  • The name "Signe" is pronounced (SEENG-ne).
  • Her appearance and name are loosely based on this character.
  • Signe shares a rare firing sound with Angel.
  • Her trademark weapon is a nail board. Equipping her with one in Jury Rigging "makes her happy", awarding the Container badge and unlocking Emma.
  • Before the December update, Signe had 100 health, 12 walkspeed, and 7-20 (50-200) max damage.
  • She has the fastest reload (for a sniper) in the game at level 99, next to Red, and excluding Axel.
  • Before the Premium update, she was the highest-requiring sniper in the game.
    • The requirements were as follows:
      • Own Noob and Cliff
      • Total Character level: 999
      • Cost: 450,000 credits.
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