Shopping Plaza is a map introduced in the Christmas 2014 update. It was one of the two maps playable at the time, the other being The Mines. The name The Mines is unofficial. The map was made by OfficialAndrew.


The Shopping Plaza is a large map with various shops and stores on the border of the map. There is a small tree-house in the middle, along with a snack bar, and a small park. There are two holes in the ground to enter the sewers, and there is a large yellow machine in which you can climb to get to a tiny second floor.


The Shopping Plaza may be the hardest map for the murderer. It had a secret wall in which you can jump over to get to the other side, but that was fixed in the November Update with an invisible force field. The cars can be hacked into, as you can pass through the window of the red car to get inside the car, so the murderer can't get to you. The ladder which goes up to the 2nd floor can be used as a hiding spot too, as if you jump from the ladder while someone pushes you down (two people jump at the same time), you may glitch into the closed shop, where it is the most safe and inaccessible hiding place of the Shopping Plaza.


  • A billboard can be found with Julie and Dennis on them, even though both of them were removed temporarily from the game when the map was added.

The shopping plaza too makes an appearance in Mad Games.

Overall, nothing has changed cosmetically.