Sanic Knife is a Tier 5 Knife skin in Mad Games.


Apart from the picture of Sanic on the blade, the texture consists of pixelaty bold outlines and bright flat colours, even some uncoloured pixels, as if made in MS Paint. The hilt is yellow, and the grip is blue.

Kill effect

The victim gets turned into a pile of rings, as it makes the classic ring lose noise from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. There is also a voice sample of Sonic (or "Sanic") saying "YOU'RE TOO SLOW" when the player dies.

Other effects

  • When throwing the knife, it makes the noise when Sonic is performing his trademark move, the spin dash in the original games. When the knife hits the wall, it makes the enemy kill effect in the original games.
  • The overall crude appearance of the weapon texture is intentional and matching with the original look of Sanic.