Ross's unused Mad Paintball portrait

Basic Info

Ross is one of the newest character added to the Mad Murderer roster. Ross was a student at Roblox University. He caused Mischief so he can shoot his paper planes at the teachers.


Ross is a tanned white male with a Roblox University beanie, Nerd Glasses, and brown hair, which has the exact same style as Hans' hair. He also wears a white shirt and a plaid jacket. He has cream colored pants, a belt, and white shoes. He has the Awkward... face.


  • Ross is one of the new characters along with Clutch, Callie, and others.
  • Despite his image intended for Mad Paintball, he was never added into the game. But he was in the Mad Paintball testing since he got voted as a paintballer.
  • His appearance and portrait likely means that he was intended to be a student.
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