A gang of thugs led by Red was ambushed by the police. Being the last uncaught gangster, he keeps low profile and plays paintball in order to keep up with his skills.
Red's Mad Paintball description


Red mpb


Character stats
Class Sniper-Rifle
Life Points 75 HP
Walk Speed 15
Max Damage 100-400
Clip Size 1
Fire Rate 0.8 Shots/s
Requirements Premium Character
Cost 3,000 Robux

Level 25

  • +2% Body Damage

Level 50

  • -17% Reload Duration

Level 75

  • +3% Walk Speed

Level 99

  • +100% Firing Rate

Red is a Premium Sniper-Rifle (formerly Rifle) class character in Mad Paintball.


Red is a white male gangster who wears a red and black cap with a gangster symbol on it, two red textured bandannas on his head and over his mouth, a red shirt with the same gangster symbol on it as his hat, a white glove on his right hand, a bandage armband on his left arm, khaki pants, and black boots. Red has the Chill face.

Paintball Abilities

  • He has third highest damage out of all snipers capable of killing Gordon with a single headshot (along with Keith and Flinn).
  • He is second fastest sniper (after Drew).
  • His charge is extremely fast which allows him to do a lot damage in a short time.
  • Second highest health out of all snipers after Walther.
  • Both his 25 level bonus & his 99 level bonus are nearly completely useless, as 2 extra damage won't make you kill anyone differently (unless damaged) & the firing rate doesn't affect his reload duration.
  • He has some of the highest walkspeed when scoping, ranking up at about 10.


  • Red originated from the Mad Murderer, but was deleted, then put in Mad Paintball, but with the newest Mad Murderer update, he was added back with other Mad Paintball characters.
  • He and 14 other characters became Premium Characters in the Christmas Update.
  • Red was nearly completely (the level bonuses still buff the same feature) changed in the December update, being the most changed character in that update.
  • His charge may be based on the Bazaar Bargain sniper rifle 200% charge rate on TF2 as they both deal the same damage. The only difference is Red deal 100(102) on full charge bodyshots while the Bazaar Bargain deals 150, and Red's headshot deals 400 while the Bazaar Bargain is 450.
  • Red was formerly the highest-requiring character in the game, as you needed Ben and 2,245 levels.
    • Red's original stats listed as followed:

110 LP, 9-12 max damage, 18 walkspeed, 25 clip size, and 9 shots/s.

  • Red was also the most costly before the Premium update, racking up at about 960,000 credits.
  • He was the fastest RIFLE in Mad Paintball up until the December 2015 update.
  • Red's description was "A gang of thugs once led by Red was ambushed and arrested by the police. As the last uncaught gangster, he keeps low profile and plays paintball in order to keep up with his skills using submachine guns." but was changed.
  • The premium update has gone through many revisions, including different character stats.
    • First Edition
    • Class: Rifle
    • Health - 165 HP
    • Walkspeed: 18 (18.5 at 75)
    • Max Damage: 19-25 (21-25 at 25, unsure of body max damage)
    • Clip Size: 25
    • Fire Rate: 10 shots/s
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