A portrait of Red.

Red is a male character introduced in the Winter Update in The Mad Murderer, and is a Tier 4 character in Mad Games.


He is a white male who wears the Redcessorize hat, red shirt, and black Adidas shoes with khakis.


  • He is removed at the Old Merge update, but re-added in the 1.0.0 update.
  • He can also be seen in Mad Paintball hereas a purchasable premium character.
  • He is a street gangster that uses sub-machine guns.
  • He strongly resembles a Bloods gang member.
  • It is believed that Red is loosely based off of "Red", a character from the 'Pokemon' series.
  • He is also seen wielding an Uzi in Mad Paintball portrait. Though the Uzi in the picture does not appear in both The Mad Murderer and Mad Paintball when playing as Red.
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