Always a stickler for science, Peter is the man for getting those team projects done."
Peter's Mad Paintball description

Peter mpb


Character stats
Class Rifle
Life Points 165 HP
Walk Speed 16
Max Damage 23-28
Clip Size 40
Fire Rate 3.6 Shots/s

Level 25

  • +25% Health Recovery

Level 50

  • +3% Life Points

Level 75

  • +4% Body Damage
  • +4% Headshot Damage

Level 99

  • +20% Maximum Distance

Requirements Available at start
Cost 0 credits

Peter is a starter rifle class character in Mad Paintball.


Peter is a white male scientist with brown shaggy hair, and wears a white lab coat with the Dogon Labs logo on the back, a dark gray shirt with the Dogon Labs logo without the text, dark gray pants, and blue sneakers.

Paintball Abilities

Peter has relatively large ammo capacity and surprisingly high accuracy. His stats are nearly identical to Chazz.

Comparing them on level 99, Peter deals more damage on long range and has more health, but is slightly slower and his paintballs won't travel as fast.


  • Peter is the first character in the Mad Paintball list, with Duke being last.
  • Peter also appears in the game The Mad Murderer.
  • Peter's portrait also appears in The Mad Murderer in the Mad Tech map.
    • This could imply that Peter may work for Mad Tech.
  • Lowest max DPS in the game, along with Chazz.
  • Despite his accuracy being 'high', his fire rate dimishes it's effectiveness, as well as his final upgrade.
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