Nico mpb


Character stats
Class Shotgun
Life Points 155 HP
Walk Speed 18
Max Damage 156-216
Clip Size 6
Fire Rate 1.2 Shots/s
Requirements Premium Character
Cost 800 Robux

Level 25

  • +17% Firing Rate

Level 50

  • +17% Bullets Per Shot

Level 75

  • +3% Walk Speed

Level 99

  • +8% Body Damage
  • +6% Headshot Damage

Nico is a premium shotgun class character in Mad Paintball, and is a Tier 2 character in Mad Games.


Nico is a yellow male who wears a brimmed farmer hat, Nerd Glasses, the Daring Beard face, a black suit with a green shirt underneath, a green bow tie, and black pants.

Paintball Abilities

  • He deals a lot of damage with 10 bullets per shot.
  • He reloads at medium speed.
  • He has second slowest speed out of all shotgunners (after Hans).
  • His fire rate is pretty slow but it becomes better at level 25.
  • Nico, along with Nemo and Julie, have their Character Level Up Bonuses in the wrong order.
  • In comparison to Nemo, he is slower, has bigger magazine size, smaller body damage, harder to get, worse health recovery, same slow fire rate, more health, faster projectiles, smaller bullet damage drop & greater accuracy. Although, Nico's body damage and fire rate is increased with level bonuses. This makes Nico more viable, but the debate between Nico and Nemo still exists.


"As a wealthier-than-average farmer, Nico always wears a nice suit even when gunning the pests eating his crops. Or the occasional thieves stealing his cows."


  • Nico was based off TheNickmaster21.
  • His clip size got buffed from 2 Shots/s to 6 Shots/s during the character stats update.
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