Murkoff Industries is a map in The Mad Murderer. It's an office representing the Murkoff Corporation, originally from the video game series Outlast. The map consists of an office, a lab, a bathroom, a staircase, three libraries, and a lounge.

After the old characters and a select few old maps were put back in late December 2014, the map seems to have gained a few corridors upstairs leading the same path behind the glass, and another library. Unfortunately, a new glitch was introduced in the upstairs library, where people could stand on the ledge of a bookshelf and hop onto the roof. It is less common than most glitches in TMM though. Also you can glitch on top the roof.


  • The map has received multiple updates and builds throughout the history of the game.
  • It was removed in the Christmas Update, And added back in the Old Merge Update.