Martin mpb


Character stats
Class Rifle
Life Points 200 HP
Walk Speed 14.5
Max Damage 25-30
Clip Size 30
Fire Rate 4 Shots/s
Requirements * Own Character: Henry
  • Character Level Total: 130
Cost 120,000 credits (actual price)

60,000 credits (50% off) 90,000 credits (Current price)

Level 25

  • +4% Body Damage
    +3% Headshot Damage

Level 50

  • +20% Accuracy

Level 75

  • +3% Walk Speed

Level 99

  • -8% Reload Duration
  • +20% Accuracy

Martin is an unlockable rifle class character in Mad Paintball.


He is a white male wearing a gold-coloured suit and a gold-coloured Sparkle Time Fedora. Martin is one of few characters to be 50% off, the others being Dennis, Jack, and Tyler.

Paintball Abilities

  • Martin's paintball projectiles are less affected by gravity, and travel faster in comparison to an average rifle class character.
  • He is very accurate and his paintballs have only a tiny damage drop, which makes his lethal range extremely long.
  • Martin has average reload speed.
  • Martin has the highest health in his class (rifle). He can survive many hits before going down.
    • However, his health regeneration is very slow.
  • Second slowest rifle after Jimmy.

Abilities Trivia

  • At level 0, his max damage, magazine size, and fire rate is exactly the same as Zero's and Tom's (at the same level), although Martin's accuracy is unarguably superior to both of them.


"As the son of the local millionaire, Martin is a spoiled brat. He bought a premium paintball gun just to brag about it for his paintball-crazed friends. He wasn't invited to play, but he joined the game regardless..."


  • Martin also appears in the game the Mad Murderer.
  • Mike is Martin's servant.
  • His health got buffed from 140 HP to 200 HP during the character stats update.
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