Mad Sweeper
Mad Sweeper
is a gamemode in Mad Games.


Players are spawned on a checkered area, and receive a harmless knife. Using the throwing knives, players seek for harmless tiles while avoiding the trap tiles. Hitting a trap tile will cause the player's death and spawns a bomb to sign the consumed trap tile. Hitting a harmless tile will reveal a single hint tile or a blank area surrounded by hint tiles. Hint tiles will display a number equal to trap tiles in the immediate area (eight closest tiles). In order to win, remain alive until the timer runs out while holding the most points rewarded by revealing blank areas or hint tiles. Being the last man standing also counts as victory. There are 30 bombs.


  • Mad Sweeper was inspired by the classic game Minesweeper.
  • Despite being activity-based non-combat minigame, a round on this game mode can be won doing absolutely nothing. Due to this, Mad Sweeper can be the hardest game mode to deal unless one has knowledge about Minesweeper.
    • A single mistake leads to loss of the match, which can happen regardless of skill level.
    • Many new players are clueless what to do and attempt to, fruitlessly, engage in combat with others, hitting bomb tiles in the progress.