Mad Paintball 2
Game Information
Created Date October 26, 2015
Released Date December 22, 2016
Developers loleris (Lead / Programmer)
Nettimato (Graphics)
OfficialAndrew (Map Design)
ScriptOn (Scripting)
Genre FPS
Game Link (link)
Mad Paintball 2 was confirmed on loleris' Twitter page (1, 2). It is the sequel to Mad Paintball.

The guns have a more realistic look than normal paintball guns, and are fully animated. There are four types of weapons like in the original Mad Paintball, but the "Minigun" class was replaced with the "Heavy" class, consisting of machine guns. The weapons have a class-specific look and set of skins, unlike Mad Paintball's universal gun skins.

Instead of characters, there is an avatar customization system: up to three accessories, one face and one outfit. Outfits change the player's shirt, pants and body colours. Accessories are hair styles, pieces of equipment, hats, scarves etc. that attach to player's head, torso or legs.

The game was released on December 22, 2016.

Capture The Flag King of The Hill Domination
TBA Tranquility d
Turbine2 Turbine a
List of weapons
Icon Name Class Tier
Stock rifle Stock Rifle Rifle Tier 0
Archibald tilted Archibald Rifle Tier 1
Blood Night Blood Night Rifle Tier 1
Sten Sten Rifle Tier 1
Xtermin8or Xtermin8or Rifle Tier 1
Ashmaker Ashmaker Rifle Tier 2
Default paintball gun Paintball Pro Rifle Tier 2
Tommy Gun Tommy Gun Rifle Tier 2
Comrade Comrade Rifle Tier 3
Loop tilted Loop Rifle Tier 3
MAC-10 MAC-10 Rifle Tier 3
IRifle tilted iRifle Rifle Tier 4
Murderer Murderer Rifle Tier 4
Stock shotgun Stock Shotgun Shotgun Tier 0
Bloxy Blaster Bloxy Blaster Shotgun Tier 1
Tidebringer Tidebringer Shotgun Tier 1
Cupcake shotgun tilted Cupcake Shotgun Tier 2
Griffin tilted Griffin Shotgun Tier 2
Tozka Tozka Shotgun Tier 2
Bouncer Blaster Bouncer Blaster Shotgun Tier 3
Kawaii tilted Kawaii Shotgun Tier 3
Snow-Off Snow-Off Shotgun Tier 3
Fission tilted Fission Shotgun Tier 4
Yorick tilted Yorick Shotgun Tier 4
Stock Sniper Stock Sniper Sniper Tier 0
Krieg tilted Krieg Sniper Tier 1
Tribal Tribal Sniper Tier 1
Watchman tilted Watchman Sniper Tier 1
Breathtaker Breathtaker Sniper Tier 2
Dominus Dominus Sniper Tier 2
Stalker Stalker Sniper Tier 2
Annabelle Annabelle Sniper Tier 3
Destiny Destiny Sniper Tier 3
Victoria tilted Victoria Sniper Tier 3
AWM AWM Sniper Tier 4
Solarius tilted Solarius Sniper Tier 4
Vox tilted Vox Sniper Tier 4
Stock heavy Stock Heavy Gun Heavy Tier 0
Earthshaker Earthshaker Heavy Tier 1
Pew Pew tilted Pew Pew Heavy Tier 1
Reibel Reibel Heavy Tier 1
Asterisk Asterisk Heavy Tier 2
Chrome Chrome Heavy Tier 2
Fjord tilted Fjord Heavy Tier 2
Bertha tilted Bertha Heavy Tier 3
Triforce tilted Triforce Heavy Tier 3
Gauss Gun tilted Gauss Gun Heavy Tier 4
Mogul Mogul Heavy Tier 4
Stretton Stretton Heavy Tier 4

Icon Name Type Tier Description
Brunette Brunette Accessory Tier 0 I bet you can't

find more

generic girl hair-

style anywhere!

Buddy Buddy Accessory Tier 0 Smells like


Shaggy Shaggy Hair Accessory Tier 0 It looks cooler

on your guy, I


RastaPasta RastaPasta Accessory Tier 1
Camping Backpack Camping Backpack Accessory Tier 1
Headband Headband Accessory Tier 1
Roblox Hero Cape Accessory Tier 1 Is it a bird? Is it a

plane? No. IT'S FREE!

(Couldn't add a

picture/ wouldn't

let me, sorry)

Sleek Shades Accessory Tier 1 Improve your social

status by 10% with

these cool shades!

Shutter Shades Accessory Tier 1 While they may not

be the most practical

shades, they do

enhance your hat

trading skills


Hockey Mask Hockey Mask Accessory Tier 1
Mullet Mullet Accessory Tier 1 Requires three bottles

off hair gel every day,

but oh my how

handsome does that

make you look!

(Couldn't find

picture, sorry!)

Messy Hair Accessory Tier 1 It doesn't fit under

your hair because

there is one very

stubborn strand of


Charmer Accessory Tier 1 Lookin' good!
(Couldn't find

picture, sorry!)

Red & Black Accessory Tier 1 Red and black always

go well together!

Pool Party Pool Party Accessory Tier 1 Your hair used

to be brown until

the pool water

bleached it into

this shade. Not

complaining though...

Sarge Sarge Accessory Tier 1 Old soldiers never

die, they just fade


WWII Helmet Accessory Tier 1 Back to the ghastly

trenches, the Great

War wasn't the end

of it...

Void Star Void Star Accessory Tier 4
Default Smile Evil Smile Face Tier 0 He's up to something.

Just you watch.

Polyhemus Polyphemus Face Tier 1
Caveman Caveman Face Tier 1
Table Flipper Table Flipper Face Tier 1
Weeb Face Weeb Face Face Tier 1
Band-Aid Boy Band-aid Boy Face Tier 1
Serious Max Serious Max Face Tier 4
Cry Some More Cri Everytiem Face Tier 4
Beast Mode Beast Mode Face Tier 4
Cold Blooded Coldblood Outfit Tier 0
Defender Defender Outfit Tier 0
Miss Steely Miss Steely Outfit Tier 0
Motorhead Motorhead Outfit Tier 0
Leather Jacket Leather Jacket Outfit Tier 1
Jungle Outfit Tier 1 Warning! Doesn't

protect from mosquito


Steampunk Steampunk Outfit Tier 2
(Sorry Couldn't

find picture, will

have someone

else do it for me)

Pink Camo Outfit Tier 2
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