Lilly leads the biggest military organization on Roblox, Vortex Security. Standing in her way means being shred into pieces!
Lilly's Mad Paintball description


Lilly mpb

Character Information
Gender Female
First Debut Mad Paintball
Status Active
Jury Rigging Statistics
Did he debut? Did not debut
Mad Paintball Statistics (expand)
Mad Paintball Statistics (collapse)
Class Minigun
Health 220 HP
Walk Speed 10
Max Damage 18
Clip Size 50
Fire Rate 18 Shots/s
Requirements Character Level Total: 20
Cost (credits) 15,000 Credits
Cost (robux) 50 ROBUX
Level 25 + 5% Walk Speed
Level 50 + 10% Clip Size
Level 75 + 5% Life Points
Level 99 + 6% Firing Rate
 Lilly is an unlockable minigun class character in Mad Paintball, and is a Tier 4 character in Mad Games.


She is a blonde-haired, white female wearing a top hat with a red band and a black Vortex Security uniform. Her look was based on Lilly_S, who is the owner of Vortex Security.

Paintball Abilities

  • Lilly has very small magazine size for a minigun character, same as that of Tyler.
  • She is the slowest minigunner before level 25 upgrade (tied with Sergei).
  • Lilly fires fast that quickly empties her small ammo clip.
  • She also has a reload speed that is longer than Jack and is as long as Adam's.


  • She was seen on an thumbnail on Mad Paintball fighting an unknown person who never debuted anywhere.
  • Lilly is currently the only female minigunner.
  • Lilly was in Mad Paintball during its Beta stage, along with Peter, Chazz, Summer, Billy, Shedletsky, Tyler, Beast, & Drew.
  • Lilly was seen holding a pistol on the thumbnail for Mad Hunger Games.
  • Lilly is similar to, and is inferior to Jack.
    • She has better hp recovery at higher health, and a faster fire rate, but has less hp, recovers less hp when at lower health, deals less damage with each shot and has less dps, quickly empties her clip, and reloads much slower. On top of that her upgrades are less effective than Jack; who has better damage range, and later on, better accuracy as well. Overall is less powerful, with only few different upsides that don't do much better, and Jack beats her with many more upsides, which makes Lilly like a beginner Jack that's only worth using when the player has not gotten him.
    • Also very similar to Duke, and Dennis, but overall Lilly still isn't that great.
  • Her walkspeed was nerfed from 11 to 10 during the character stats update.
    • Her fire rate was also nerfed, decreased from 20 Shots/s to 18 Shots/s.
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