Lazer Knife is a Murderer Ability that allows the player to shoot lasers from their knives in an incredibly fast level, but also makes loud noises, often alerting the sheriff to the murderer's spot. After shooting a laser, it must charge before shooting another. The Lazer Knife costs 400 credits (after version 0.2.1, it costs 60 credits) per round as murderer and 90,000 credits to buy permanently.

Shop Description

When fully charged, your knife goes LIGHTSPEED! And it also makes loud noises for some reason...


  • Whenever you hit someone with a throwing knife, regardless of it being charged or not, the knife will be fully charged. Thus, making it an improved Fury.
  • This is the only ability that has a misspelled word, although intentionally.
  • If the Laser is charged and you die, it Flies in a random direction Usually Upwards. It can Kill someone although Rare.