Kurt likes to get hurt by others as much as he likes to hurt them. He is not vengeful, just mad. If this game's friendly fire settings would allow it, bring tormenting suffering to every living creature around!
- Kurt's Mad Paintball test game description

Kurt is a male character who was first seen in a test game for Mad Paintball, but was not canonically seen until Jury Rigging. He was later added to Mad Games as a tier 3 character card.


Kurt wears a memento mori mask, a gray shirt and pants, and a black cape that covers his right shoulder. He has a shaggy hair, black and green antlers and gray skin.


Kurt is a sadomasochistic man, enjoying both receiving and inflicting pain. No one is completely safe from his obsession, since he would love to hurt even his teammates in team-based games if the friendly fire was allowed. He doesn't like people who complain about injuries deemed too small to him.


Kurt was voice acted by nettimato. He has a deep, a bit rough and echoing voice.


  • Kurt was made by SongOfSilence (confirmation needed).
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