Kelgo mpb

Kelgo True

Character stats
Class Minigun
Life Points 175 HP
Walk Speed 11.7
Max Damage 26
Clip Size 90
Fire Rate 15 Shots/s
Requirements * Own Character Henry
  • Character Level Total: 120
  • Total kills: 500
Cost 66,000 credits

Level 25

  • +3% Walk Speed

Level 50

  • +40% Health Recovery

Level 75

  • +15% Lethal Distance

Level 99

  • +7% Fire Rate

Kelgo is an unlockable minigunner class character in Mad Paintball, and is a Tier 3 character in Mad Games.


Kelgo is a tanned male barbarian with a brown beard and moustache, a wolf head hat, a single shoulder armor connected to a leather waist guard with a leather belt. Kelgo wears reddish brown shorts and leather shoes that expose his toes. A set of two identical axes attached to his back.

Paintball Abilities

  • Kelgo is a fast minigunner, slightly slower than Adam (old version). Kelgo's level up bonuses upgrade him to walk speed 12, which is Adam's walk speed before, without his level bonuses.
  • His health and clip size are lower than Jack's, but he does slightly increased damage.
  • He is also less accurate than the average minigunner but his rate of health regeneration is slightly lower than Sergei's which makes Kelgo faster at recovering full health than minigunners like Jack.


"Will Kelgo ever find his way out of this new world with horseless wagons? Find out in the next issue of Kelgo the Barbarian!"


  • The ending of Kelgo's description references Conan the Barbarian, a popular Comic Book character.
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