Keith mpb


Character stats
Class Sniper
Life Points 70 HP
Walk Speed 9
Max Damage 100-400
Clip Size 1
Fire Rate 0.3 Shots/s
Requirements Character(s) owned:
  • Tom

Total kills:

  • 1000
Cost 60,000 credits

Level 25

  • +11% Projectile Velocity

Level 50

  • -11% Reload Duration

Level 75

  • +25% Health Recovery

Level 99

  • +5% Body Damage

Keith is an unlockable sniper character in Mad Paintball, and is a Tier 2 character in Mad Games.


Keith is a white muscular male. He wears a black and orange vest and trousers, orange shoes, an orange belt, and an orange headband. He has black Roblohunk hair and the Daring Beard face.

Paintball Abilities

  • His maximum damage on fully charged shots are very high, even on bodyshots.
  • He has to wait until his charge is above 70% to deal more than 135 damage, meaning he can quickscope all snipers & some shotgunners.
  • He has the second highest headshot damage, dealing 400 on a full charge, and 50 damage behind Flinn's headshot damage.
  • He is one of three snipers who are capable of killing Gordon in one headshot (along with Red & Flinn).
  • Very slow reload speed but it gets a big boost at level 50.
  • Slow charging speed, which encourages him to hardscope.
  • He has lowest speed out of any character in the game. Additionally, his walkspeed in scope is very slow too, similiar to Julie's before level 50.


"Hardcore hardscoper. Keith sure puts a lot of care to his shots. Gotta make sure the target is finished off, alright?"


  • Keith was introduced in the Turbine Update along with Helen, Kelgo, Spike, Flinn, and Flinn's sister, Anna.
  • He zooms in more slowly than other snipers.
  • Keith has a unique firing sound, similar to a sniper rifle in reality. This is slightly shown by the sniper rifle he carries in his portrait.
  • Keith once had 110 health, 11 speed, did 135-400 damage in full charge & in 0-70% charge he did 15-30, but got changed in the December update.
  • His appearance is inspired by John Rambo, with the exception that he wears an orange headband and that he wears a shirt.
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