Kawaii original
is a tier 3 shotgun in Mad Paintball 2.


The Kawaii is modeled after Calico shotgun prototype, but has very girly customization applied to it. It has a pink receiver and shoulder pad, with blue stock, grip, magazine and pump. When pumped, the disc at the back of the magazine rotates 90 degrees. Right hand side of the gun has a bolt-like device that ejects the helical magazine above for reload.

Several stickers have been attached on the surface of the receiver and stock, including:

  • A strawberry and a raspberry.
  • A slice of strawberry cake.
  • Adam's face with the text 先輩 ("senpai" in kanji) underneath.
  • Word ぷりんせす ("princess" written in hiragana) on blue background.
  • Kat's face winking.
  • Two stickers about Kat's unicorn plushie in an innocent-looking form.
  • Cupcake's logo.
  • A double rainbow with the text "DOUBLE RAINBOW" under it.
  • A silhouette of a cat.
  • A cat's paw on a round background.
  • Bolded pink text "KAWAII~!".


  • The texture sheet for the stickers includes an unused sticker with a jellyfish.
  • It was originally designed to be Kat's signature weapon.