Yandere Kat

Kat (Yandere) is a secret Jury Rigging character. To obtain her, you must get the Yandere badge.


Kat (Yandere) looks almost the same as the original Kat, except she has the >:3 face, and wears a different outfit. Kat (Yandere) wears a blue and white school uniform, similar to Yandere Simulator, which includes a red necktie, a white shirt with a blue trim, a blue ruffled skirt, long white socks, and black shoes. There are bloodstains on her clothing too.

Kat still has the same Kitty Ears, Animazing Hair, and Blue Anime Hair.


Kat was voice acted by 3dxe.


  • This hints to Kat being a Yandere.
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