Kat mpb


Character stats
Class Shotgun
Life Points 105 HP
Walk Speed 19.5
Max Damage 80-82
Clip Size 20
Fire Rate 5 Shots/s
Requirements Premium Character
Cost 900 Robux

Level 25

  • +10% Projectile Velocity

Level 50

  • +50% Health Recovery

Level 75

  • +5% Walk Speed

Level 99

  • +25% Bullets Per Shot
  • -25% Body Damage

Kat is a Premium shotgun class character in Mad Paintball.


Kat is a light-skinned nekomimi with blue and purple messy hair.

She wears pink and black kitty ears on her head, light blue checkered shorts, a pink tank top with a :3 design on it, and matching shoes with the same :3 design.

Kat has the :3 face.

Kat is frequently seen holding a pink and purple fluffy unicorn plushie.

Paintball Abilities

  • Her paintball gun is rather a rifle-shotgun hybrid: her fire rate, clip size & accuracy is comparable to a rifle, but has stronger damage drop on distance than that of official rifle characters.
  • She fires four projectiles (or five at level 99) at rapid rate with 20 shots per reload.
  • Slow reload that makes her vulnerable because of her below average health.
  • She has below average health and her health recovery is very fast. her health recovery is further boosted at level 50, another reason that she heals quickly is because of the "9 lives for a cat" thing.
  • Kat is rather fast even for a shotgun, and does higher damage than Nick but has lower fire rate than him.


"Kat is a playful naive girl, but be warned when cornering her - her cute paws conceal sharp claws!"


  • Kat also appears in the game: "The Mad Murderer".
  • Kat has a unique firing sound, which is a high-pitched version of the normal sound.
  • Her description brings a wrong message, cornering her makes her long range useless.
  • Kat's portrait also appears in Mad Games in the remastered version of the Original Office map.
  • Kat also appears in the game Jury Rigging.
  • Kat once had a fire rate of 3, & her damage was 40-42, but got buffed during the December update.
  • Kat's lethal range (range of doing maximum damage) is 1 stud.
    • This means Kat cannot do her maximum damage (1 stud distance is not possible, not even upon touching an opponent.)
    • Cliff is another character who shares the same trait.
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