Jury Rigging
Created date: 7/7/2015
Developer(s) nettimato
Genre(s) Building
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Jury Rigging is an crafting game developed by nettimato.


In Jury Rigging, there are no teams. Rather, it is a free-for-all. Weapons and other items can be crafted with resources found around the map, and these weapons are often used to fight other players in the game. The resources appear in specialized spawners found around the map as well, though there is a certain golden spawner located at the center which gives 3 copies of the same resource upon touching it. One of the game's most notable features is that it has the option in which you can play as various other characters from the Mad Studio universe. You can craft these characters in-game if you find a Bloxikin on the golden spawner and use it to craft one, though it is possible to get the same character twice. The character morphs give no benefits themselves, as they are purely are cosmetic, but notably they all obtain a voice. There are secret characters as well, as signified by the game's gallery of badges, which can be acquired by undertaking certain acts in order to get them. The game as of now is in Beta, and there are many more updates to come.

Character Morph/Skins

So far, these characters will appear as a character morph/skins. Unlike other games by the Mad Studio, these characters will have their own voices.

Adam JR 1eb8fee31f986516d8e80b87e90bd131 Angel JR Antique Arnold JR Audio JR
Adam Alex Angel Antique Arnold Audio
Aurora Billy JR Blaze JR Callie JR Chazz JR Cliff JR
Aurora Billy Blaze Callie Chazz Cliff
Cupcake JR GrimdarkCupcake Dan JR Dennis JR Dori JR Drew JR
Cupcake Cupcake(Grimdark) Dan Dennis Dori Drew
Duke JR Ella JR Emma JR Fabio JR Gordon JR Gordon toilet JR
Duke Ella Emma Fabio Gordon Gordon (Toilet)
Harry JR Helen JR Husk JR Ingrid Julie JR Kat JR
Harry Helen Husk Ingrid Julie Kat
Yandere Kat NoImage Kurt JR Lara JR Larry JR Lightness JR
Kat (Yandere) Kano Kurt Lara Larry Lightness
Morgan JR Muse Nemo JR Nikki JR Nolan JR Noob JR
Morgan Muse Nemo Nikki Nolan Noob
Pita Rachel JR Red JR Royce Sergei JR Signe JR
Pita Rachel Red Royce Sergei Signe
Skyler JR Tom JR Virus JR Zero JR
Skyler Tom Virus Zero

Weapon Skins

List of weapon paintjobs
Icon Name Applicable items
Paint adurite Adurite Adurite Katana, Bluesteel Katana, Bombo Knife, Colt, Golden Fleece, Katana, Luger, Roblox Card, War Rocks
Paint black n pearl Black Pearl Blowdryer, Colt, Danger Dagger, Golden Fleece, Six Shooter
Paint bluesteel Bluesteel Bombo Knife, Danger Dagger, Taco
Paint camo Camo Bombo Knife, Colt, Golden Fleece, Luger, Roblox Card, Tripwire, War Rocks
Paint cupcake Cupcake Bombo Knife, Colt, Golden Fleece, Luger, Super-G LS33, Trench Gun
Paint doge Doge Chalice of Fame, Epicsauce, Nail Board, Octopus Cannon, Outrageous Nail Board, Roblox Card, War Rocks
Paint dreamy Dreamy Adurite Katana, Bluesteel Katana, Bombo Knife, Chalice of Fame, Gloomy Grip, Golden Fleece, Katana, Nail Board, Outrageous Nail Board, Roblox Card, War Rocks
Paint gold Gold Colt, Danger Dagger, Golden Fleece, Luger, Super-G LS33, Trench Gun, War Rocks
Paint rusty Rusty Colt, Flamethrower, Katana, Luger, Super-G LS33, Trench Gun, War Rocks
Paint tix Tix Bloxxy Radar, Bombo Knife, Gloomy Grip, Roblox Card, Trench Gun
Paint warning Warning Bloxxy Radar, Gravity Gun, Katana, Roblox Card


See more: List of Jury Rigging items

Game Badges

Game Badges
Badge Picture Badge Name Description
AlphaTestBadge Alpha Test no longer available. players who own this badge gain +1 every crafting material upon starting the game, as well as every Beta tester benefits.
BetaTestBadge Beta Test no, just joining isn't enough, you'll have to go through the gui to get walking and find the badge giver! this badge rewards following items in-game: Golden Boom Box and 1 bloxikin pickup on game start. Grab it while you can - it'll become unavailable that day i begin advertising.
GenesisBadge Genesis This marks the true beginning of the your adventure.
GrimdarkBadge Grimdark Make a character happy with your loadout.
ImperceptibleBadge Imperceptible Find your way to a secret area of respite.
SaccharineBadge Saccharine Make a character happy with your loadout.
StereophonicBadge Stereophonic Make a character happy with your loadout.
UnsanitaryBadge Unsanitary Make a character disgusted by your loadout.
VocalizedBadge Vocalized Voice act a character.
ContainerBadge Container Make a character happy with your loadout.
SiblingHoodBadge Siblinghood Make a character noscope with your loadout.
YandereBadge Yandere Bring a character to a place they fear.
AbsentBadge Absent Survive without protection
ToiletBadge Toilet Make a character happy with your loadout.
EerieBadge Eerie Join the game during event period. (Event Exclusive)
3adacdb86b67a6b2762c9819aa59b97a Buccaner Go trick or treating.
Savior Savior Help the author out in his financial issues.
Determination Determination Fill your character with LOVE.
Hooligan Hooligan Start painting.


  • The audio which played while you're crafting is Kevin MacLeod ~ Local Forecast - Elevator until a recent update. (Confirmation Needed)
  • Jack was included in this game, but was removed due to unknown reasons.
  • Naomi was included in this game, but was removed because the creator of Naomi didn't like the idea of her peaceful character fighting and getting killed.
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