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Character stats
Class Sniper-rifle
Life Points 35 HP
Walk Speed 12
Max Damage 150-220
Clip Size 1
Fire Rate 0.4 Shots/s
Requirements * Own Character Tom
  • Character Level Total: 60
Cost 90,000 credits

Level 25

  • +13% Projectile Velocity

Level 50

  • +25% Walk Speed While Scoping

Level 75

  • +100% Clip Size

Level 99

  • +125% Fire Rate

Julie is an unlockable sniper class character in Mad Paintball.


She is a Canadian girl with a Canada beanie, glasses, cinnamon hair, a single sleeved red and white striped shirt with a black bra underneath similar to Lara and Chazz, three black wristbands on her right arm, and ripped jeans and black boots.

Paintball Abilities

  • Julie's health, clip size, fire rate and speed were reduced during the character stats update. However, her bodyshot damage along with her upgrades are significantly helpful and can balance out the large stats reduction.
  • As Julie's health got reduced to 35 HP, meaning she is has the lowest amount health in the game.
    • This means that she can get killed by a fully charged Signe.
  • Highest body damage in the game (tied with Flinn).
  • Showdowns with other snipers isn't a bright idea as Julie's speed while scoping is very low & projectile velocity is slow. This means the other sniper will have a higher chance of shooting you first.


"Julie has known Dennis since her childhood, but not until a while ago couldn't confess her crush on him. Until then, she has only been stalking him, gaining her a lot of experience in taking many quick shots at distant target."


  • Julie is also noted to have a hideout in one of the maps, where there are pictures of Dennis on a bulletin board, along with a picture of Summer with a knife in it, stating Julie despises her. Here is the image explaining the above statement.
  • On the left side of her paintball portrait, David can be seen talking to Dennis.
  • Julie appears in Dennis' paintball portrait, stalking him within rocks.
  • In the game, there is a grammatical error in the description where it says "many quick shots at distant target" instead of "many quick shots at distant targets".
  • Julie, along with Nemo and Nico, has her 50 & 75 level bonuses confused.
  • Julie once had 4 shots & was the only sniper to have have more than 1 bullet, but she got changed on the December update [along with damage (65-125) & health (60)], although that she can have 2 shots with the lvl 75 bonus.
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