Jimmy mpb

Jimmy TP

Character stats
Class Rifle
Life Points 150 HP
Walk Speed 13.5
Max Damage 20-22
Clip Size 30
Fire Rate 7 Shots/s
Requirements Premium Character
Cost 940 Robux

Level 25

  • +17% Clip Size

Level 50

  • +9% Headshot Damage

Level 75

  • +13% Accuracy

Level 99

  • +9% Projectile Velocity
  • +1% Firing Rate

Were you looking for Jimmy in The Mad Murderer instead?

Jimmy is an unlockable rifle class character in Mad Paintball.


Jimmy is a white male with the Great Hair Day hat. He wears the Sigmund face, along with a black eye patch, a white leather jacket with a green shirt underneath, white slacks, and brown shoes. He's also noted to be based off Nick from a Valve Co. game, Left 4 Dead 2. The only difference is that Nick doesn't wear an eyepatch and also has a blue undershirt compared to Jimmy's green undershirt.




Paintball Abilities

  • Jimmy is quite comparable to Tyler looking from the stats. Both have the ability to pick off classes with their fast firing-speed along with their low damage output. The downsides of him are the fact that Jimmy has slightly below-average health along with speed similar to a sniper. His clip size may look average but his fire rate can quickly unfill his magazine forcing him to reload. However, these slight stat reductions are incredibly balanced with the fact that Jimmy fires the quickest out of all riflemen & the most accurate. Despite his low damage output, he still has relatively high DPS for a riflemen.
  • Jimmy has the lowest projectile velocity at 50 along with Cliff, Kat, and Noob.

Paintball Tips

  • As Jimmy's health, DPS and fire rate got buffed due to a character stats update, his strategy is now different.
  • For most effective gameplay, use him for offence like picking off mainly other riflemen and snipers as Jimmy's DPS is higher than most riflemen. His range and accuracy is also relatively powerful which could be an advantage for picking off snipers who are in far range.
  • If you are planning on using Jimmy for defense, he's going to be mainly helping out powerful defense classes such as Hans. Defense with kills will mainly result in death as people who go for the flag or control point are usually powerhouses unless Jimmy is capable with his increased HP and DPS.
  • Due to Jimmy's rather slow speed, rushing isn't much of a possibility. Try to be with groups of people and be quick about decisions regarding offence and defense.


"Jimmy has grew on the wrong side of the law and still feels a bit unbound by petty moralities. He definitely has some dirty tricks up his sleeves..."


  • In Jimmy's decal image, several Noobs appear in the background.
  • He has the least walk speed out of all the riflemen, similar to a sniper.
  • Before the character stats update, Jimmy had 80 HP, along with 5 shots per second. However, people naturally complained about the character being underpowered in situations.
  • Jimmy's reload is the same as Tyler and Shedletsky's. (3 seconds)
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