Jimmy TP

Jimmy is one of the original characters of the Mad Murderer, a premium character in Mad Paintball, and is one of Tier 1 characters in Mad Games.


Jimmy is a male with brown hair and the Sigmund face. He wears a black eye-patch, a white blazer with a green shirt underneath, white pants, and brown shoes. He is rumored to be a pirate, and, this was later implied false. However, there are four likely reasons for the eye-patch covering his left eye:

  1. A non-life-threatening injury to his left eye, possibly resulting from his troublemaker past.
  2. It's not as likely, but he may have strabismus amblyopia.
  3. Jimmy wears it as his style.
  4. To keep one eye used to dark lighting at all times, in case sudden adaptation to dark environment is required.





  • Jimmy is possibly based off of Nick, one of the playable characters for Left 4 Dead 2. Because their suit looks the same. However, Nick's suit has a blue shirt and the fact they are both troublemakers.
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