Jack is the stereotypical rich and beefy guy. He wears nothing more than a towel and a pair of shades, but that's exactly why he gets in so many commercials.
Jack's Mad Paintball description
Character Information
Gender Male
First Debut The Mad Murderer
Status Active
Jury Rigging Statistics
Did he debut? Removed
Mad Paintball Statistics (expand)
Mad Paintball Statistics (collapse)
Class Minigun
Health 250 HP
Walk Speed 10.5
Max Damage 25
Clip Size 100
Fire Rate 15 Shots/s
Requirements Henry
Character Level Total: 148
Cost (credits) 90,000 Credits
Cost (robux) TBD ROBUX
Level 25 + 10% Clip Size
Level 50 + 12% Accuracy
Level 75 + 8% Life Points
Level 99 + 7% Fire Rate

Jack is one of the original characters in The Mad Murderer, an unlockable minigun class character in Mad Paintball, and is a Tier 5 character card in Mad Games. He is also the placeholder character in Mad Paintball 2 test game.


He is often portrayed as a rich and stereotypical beefy guy who gets featured in many commercials.

Jack is a tanned man with a combination of 80s Superstar Hair and a Fro hair, so that it would resulting into a big black afro hair, and black sideburns. Jack has the Daring Beard face. Jack also wears an Old Spice Man towel, Muscles shirt, Chest Hair T-Shirt, and a pair of Ice Cold Stunnas.

Paintball Abilities

  • Jack is an easy-to-use minigunner with high health and enough damage output to kill another Jack in seconds at close range.
  • His high health and pretty good health recovery allows him to take hits.
  • He has a below average fire rate for his damage and enough clip size to exterminate anyone quickly at point-blank range, making him very powerful.
  • Like most minigunners, his weakness is very slow movement speed and strong damage drop on distance.
  • He is vulnerable to sniper and rifle classes, as long as they can maintain their distance.
  • Jack has surprisingly good lethal range for a minigunner, so players who try to escape Jack must try to be as far as possible, or Jack will kill them in the distance.


  • Jack can play a trombone, as seen in a Mad Games advertisement.
    • The same advertisement also depicts Jack significantly larger than Tom.
  • Jack is one of the few characters to be 50% off. His half-off price is 90,000 Credits. The other characters to be 50% off are Dennis, Tyler, Martin.
  • Jack wears a towel around his waist, although it can be mistaken for boxers.
  • Jack is supposedly appear in Jury Rigging, but was removed for unknown reasons.
  • Jack is one of the characters that have not removed during the Christmas Update (along with Tom, Rick, Gordon, and Axel.
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