Henry mpb


Character stats
Class Rifle
Life Points 125 HP
Walk Speed 18
Max Damage 25-30
Clip Size 15
Fire Rate 5.4 Shot/s
Requirements Character:
  • Julie
  • Lara

Character Level Total: 99

Cost 90,000 credits

Level 25

  • +33% Clip Size

Level 50

  • +8% Life Points

Level 75

  • +20% Accuracy

Level 99

  • +10% Headshot Damage

Were you looking for Harry?

Henry is an unlockable rifle class character in Mad Paintball.


He is a white-haired scientist with a pair of brown goggles with yellow/orange lenses, wears a brown coat and pants, a reddish brown shirt, and black shoes.

Paintball Stats

  • Henry has the second highest DPS among all riflers in the game (preceding Cliff), in addition to his very low damage drop in distance and greater accuracy, Henry can be generally dangerous near or far if faced-- the only way to deal with him is by surprise attack, ambushing (Rifler VS Rifler isn't somehow a thing thanks to Henry's high walk speed), or even exploiting his reload times. Though his health is generally low (but has fast health regeneration thanks to that) and low ammo (due to his damage output) for counterbalance.
  • He has a "headshot critical"- effect only seen on sniper class - including the decapitation kill effect and kill icon.


"Dr. Henry, genius, charmer, and potion enthusiast. He can brew the most curious substances from anything at hand. His specialty in Mad Paintball calculating trajectories for accurate shots."

Gameplay Tips

  • Headshot deaths reward the player with more XP, so take care to hit enemy heads whenever possible.
  • Henry is more suitable in long range combat, as long as one can predict the projectile trajectory and enemy movement. Though he does slightly more damage from close range than long range, it is still advisable to maintain long distance; Many characters can overpower you on close range, but their performance drops below Henry's when there's enough distance. A professional player can even outplay every other Riflers if used properly against all other Riflers.
  • Due to the following statistics, Henry can be somehow the most useful rifler in the game, though one has to be careful about his durability.


  • Henry is so far the only character not in sniper class who can do headshots.
  • His fire rate got buffed from 3.7 to 5.4 Shots/s during the character stats update making one of the fastest shooting rifles in the game (after Jimmy, Noob & Blaze), his speed was also buffed from average 16 speed to above average 18 speed which makes him out of the fastest rifles in the game (along with Blaze, Cliff, and a Level 75 Noob).
  • Henry is based off madattak, the creator of the game Innovation Labs.
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