Helen mpb

Helen True

Character stats
Class Shotgun
Life Points 135 HP
Walk Speed 19
Max Damage 126
Clip Size 8
Fire Rate 2 Shots/s
Requirements Unlocked at start
Cost 30,000 Credits/100 Robux

Level 25

  • +5% Body Damage
  • +5% Headshot Damage

Level 50

  • +10% Firing Rate

Level 75

  • +7% Accuracy

Level 99

  • -33% Reload Duration

Helen is an unlockable shotgun class character in Mad Paintball, and a Tier 2 character in Mad Games.


She is a Swedish blonde girl with a Sk12r Boi, sunglasses with gold rims, snowflake necklace, blue vest, white sleeveless shirt, blue and white patterned pants, blue and yellow wristbands and blue boots.

Paintball Abilities

  • 5 bullets per shot.
  • Helen is a recommended shotgun for beginners, as she has rather high damage, average walkspeed, good accuracy and acceptable magazine size.
  • Unlike other shotgunners, she has no damage boost on headshot, like most mingunners.


"Helen is a joyful girl from Sweden. She always loved winter and building snowmen, even though she was harassed by two bullies of her  neighbourhood."


  • She has snowflakes on her face regardless of temperature of the map, which could imply they are tattoos.
  • She is the easiest to acquire character with a distinctive firing sound.
  • Her 'bullies' are anonymous considering no other character in MPB has been confirmed to be born in Sweden.
  • Her health got buffed from 125 HP to 135 HP during the character stats update.
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