Harry mpb

Harry tp

Character stats
Class Sniper
Life Points 70 HP
Walk Speed 13
Max Damage 100-325
Clip Size 1
Fire Rate 0.4 Shots/s
Requirements Characters Level Total: 10
Cost 30,000 Credits/100 Robux

Level 25

  • -8% Reload Duration

Level 50

  • +17% Walk Speed while scoping

Level 75

  • +50% Health Recovery

Level 99

  • +13% Projectile Velocity

Harry is an unlockable sniper class character in Mad Paintball. He was the first sniper character added to the game, thus the stats of all newer sniper characters are derived from him.


Harry wears a Dominus Empyreus to conceal his invisible or missing head and is clad in a gray argyle sweater.

The sleeves of his sweater cover his wrists to the point his skin is unable to be seen (unless his actual palms are viewed).

He also wears black slacks and shoes.

Paintball Abilities

  • Harry is a very generic sniper, having low health and speed, balanced by excellent accuracy and the ability to zoom in for increased damage and lethal headshots - traits typical to snipers.
  • Due to lack of quirks in the playstyles separating the snipers of the game, he is an easy-to-use sniper for players unfamiliar to the game.
  • Harry does 100 damage on quickscoped headshots, which is enough to kill all the snipers in the game and a few low-health characters in other classes, such as Lara, Beast, Nick, Noob and Cupcake in one hit.


"Harry has always had the issue of distinctively lacking a head, the fact he has cleverly hidden by wearing a dominus."

Gameplay Tips

  • Like most snipers, he is vulnerable to ambushes. In close range, he has very low chances of survival.
  • Find places where you are covered but where you can see far and wide. It makes it easier for you to prevent enemies from advancing, forcing them to take a detour.
    • Beware of counter-snipers and riflemen. No matter how good camping spot you have or how many bodyguards you have, they cannot prevent your quick death on headshot or few accurate rifle shots without obstructing your own view.
  • As expected, zoomed in headshots are a key mechanic to all snipers.
    • Get used to leading your target. Despite the great projectile velocity, it does not hit your target instantly. It is immune to damage drop and gravity, however.
    • Don't use him if you are playing on touchpad devices. You cannot access your scope, so you are unable to take advantage of headshots and damage increments.


  • Harry also appears in the game 'the Mad Murderer'.
  • His character is based on Tomarty,the creator of Animation Lab.
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