Ghost Knife is a Murderer Ability in The Mad Murderer and Mad Games.

The Mad Murderer

This ability allows the player to throw knives to hit up to five people at once. However, this can backfire by omitting the knife throwing sound and leading sheriffs to your direction. The Ghost Knife costs 1,500 credits.

Shop Description

"Allows your throwing knives to penetrate up to 5 targets"

Mad Games

Ghost Knife got a buff in Mad Games in comparison to Mad Murderer. Not only does the knife go through players, it also goes through walls. It costs 300 Robux.

Shop description

"Ghost knives pierce everything when thrown! Can kill multiple players at once!"

Gameplay tips

  • Use windows to your advantage; they make it easier to see foes. Some good examples of using windows are in the top floors of both the Farmhouse map and Mad Hotel maps.
  • Exploit other players auras and radio particles, for they can reveal where the player is.
  • Learn all the maps; having knowledge of the various hiding spots of the map can grant you an advantage.
  • Opponents can underestimate you whenever you use a knife that appears mostly white, such as Sketchy Stabber, and Troll Knife. Therefore, opponents will hide thinking you don't have Ghost Knife equipped. This is only most effective if the opponent knows about Ghost Knife.