Francis is a character who was introduced in the 2014 Christmas Update.


He is a white male who wears the St. Andrew's Beard, a brown jacket with a white undershirt, blue jeans, white shoes, and the French Brimmed Cap. Francis has the Sigmund face.


  • Francis appears to look like a lumberjack.
  • Francis is commonly depicted as the sheriff in thumbnails.
  • He can also be seen with Tom in the Mad Games thumbnail for Juggernaut, pointing his revolver at Sergei.
  • He, unlike certain characters from the Christmas crew, is still playable after the Old Merge Update.
  • Francis has the longest name in The Mad Murderer: a total of 7 characters, along with Sherman and Walther (It appear as Walt in The Mad Murderer).
  • Some also refer to him as Jontron from the Game Grumps on YouTube.
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