Flinn mpb


Character stats
Class Sniper
Life Points 45 HP
Walk Speed 12
Max Damage 150-450
Clip Size 1
Fire Rate 0.5 Shots/s
Requirements Own character: Lara

Character Level Total: 90

Cost 120,000

Level 25

  • +0% Life Points

Level 50

  • +13% Walk Speed While Scoping

Level 75

  • +50% Health Recovery

Level 99

  • -25% Reload Duration

Flinn is an unlockable sniper class character in Mad Paintball.


He is a white male with brown shaggy hair, wears a grey skater hat, 8-Ball Headphones, a white t-shirt with a striped grey and black jacket, grey and black striped pants, and white sneakers. He was based off JaggedDiamond.

Paintball Abilities

  • Flinn has 4th lowest health out of all characters after Julie, Adriel and Drew.
    • This means he can be killed by a fully charged Signe.
  • Because his health is way below average his health recovery is very fast which is further boosted at level 75.
  • While zoomed in, his scope has stronger magnification than other snipers and he is very movement sensitive. His charge bar fills slowly, slower than any other sniper in the game capable of charging at all, making him a poor choice for some serious or close quarters quickscoping. As even though his sensitive scope can make aiming on moving headshots a bit easier, his magnification is what makes him a poor choice of quickscoping in close range.
  • It should also be noted he requires only partially charged headshot to kill Gordon in one hit, as he deals the highest amount of damage of all characters in the game.
  • Flinn's quickscope damage is 100 (like most snipers) which is enough to kill all snipers, a few low health shotgunners (such as Lara, Beast, Nick and Cupcake) and even Noob in one hit.
  • Highest body damage in the game (tied with Julie).


"Whenever Anna sneaks out, Flinn's brotherly instincts drive him insane of concern. Anna's gone missing once again, and Flinn has no choice but to find his sister..."


  • Flinn's Level 25 Character Level Up Bonus shows 0% Health Points, which actually improves his HP for quite a decimal number.
  • He is one of the few characters with a unique paintball firing sound, and an even fewer of those with a unique reloading sound (him, Ben & Noob).
  • His fire rate got buffed during the character stats update which allows him to shoot faster.
  • His sniper rifle may be mostly based on the Bazaar Bargain sniper rifle from TF2 as they both have the same damage on full scope charged bodyshots and headshots. The only main difference between the two is flinn's sniper rifle lacks the increase weapon charge's rate on scoped headshot kills, it will stay on the decreased base charge rate, and they both have different firing sounds.
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