Fjord tilted
Fjord is a tier 2 machine gun in Mad Paintball 2.


The Fjord is based on L-39 anti-tank rifle with shortened barrel and the distinctive bipod removed. It has a gray metal receiver and wooden shoulder pad, cheek guard and grip. It has a large top-mounted box magazine, which is why the iron sights are located on the gun's side. The barrel is covered with a rusty shroud and is tipped with a rectangular muzzle brake with four holes on each side. Both sides of the weapon bear a golden "M" logo within a diamond shape. On the opposite side of the user, there is a creaky winch that is cranked to chamber the first round after reload, although not in completely realistically accurate fashion; the real weapon would also be cranked back to original position.


  • The name "Fjord" was chosen because it is a direct translation of the last name of Aimo Lahti, the designer of the real world counterpart of the weapon.