Exploding Knife is a Murderer Ability in The Mad Murderer and Mad Games

The Mad Murderer

This knife causes an explosion whenever a player is killed by a throwing knife. The sound it makes alerts sheriffs, possibly allowing them to find where the murderer is. The Exploding Knife currently costs 9,000 credits.

Mad Games

The knife now explodes when a player is killed, regardless if they were killed by a throwing knife or not. Again, there is a noise whenever there is an explosion. The ability costs 900 Robux.

Shop Description

Old description: Gives your throwing knives a slight chance of exploding when a person is hit.

Current Description: Your thrown knives will explode when they hit other people - the blast will kill anyone close enough!

Gameplay Tips

  • Crowds of people is a good time to use this power.
    • Try baiting everyone else near you. An example of this would be using a radio to guide people towards your music.