Duke is agile and dexterous individual who has been practicing parkour since preschool. This hobby has even saved him as he successfully evaded several murder attempts.
Duke's Mad Paintball description
Character Information
Gender Male
First Debut The Mad Murderer
Status Active
Jury Rigging Statistics
Did he debut? Did not debut
Mad Paintball Statistics (expand)
Mad Paintball Statistics (collapse)
Class Minigun
Health 240 HP
Walk Speed 14
Max Damage 27 - 30
Clip Size 40
Fire Rate 19 Shots/s
Cost (robux) 3,200 ROBUX
Level 25 + 4% Life Points
Level 50 + 25% Health Recovery
Level 75 + 3% Walk Speed
Level 99 + 4% Body Damage
+ 3% Head Damage
Duke is a character introduced in The Mad Murderer (2014 Summer Update), and is a premium character in Mad Paintball.


He is a white male with spiky auburn hair, sunglasses, Rambo Top Blue, and Padded Bottom Black. These clothes were made by Gusmanak, using them from the game "Apocalypse Rising".

Paintball Abilities

  • Duke is the fastest minigunner in the game (tied with Adam, even after boosts).
  • His health is average for a minigunner with a very fast health recovery.
  • His fire rate is very fast and it empties his clip size very fast forcing him to reload.
  • He has a very long range with little damage drop on distance.
  • The main problems that Duke has are his reload time, which is very long & his clip size isn't making things better.
    • This downside, however, is countered by high walkspeed, allowing him to quickly get out of danger to easily avoid damage, and get back in once he has finished reloading.


  • Duke was removed in the Christmas Update, but added back in the Old Merge Update.
  • Duke's hair was glitched into his head for a while, and this was fixed in the XMAS Update.
  • Duke also does parkour, which saves him from several murder attempts.
  • Duke's outfit and shades are present in Mad Paintball 2.
  • According to Jury Rigging, it is stated that there are rumors of his true identity of being a vampire. RukatuKDH came up with the idea.
  • There was an old rumor when Mad Paintball was updated that Duke could jump. The reason was because in his description, it said he did parkour which relates mainly to jumping & doing flips.
  • Duke use to be a rifle, but now he got changed into a mini-gunner in the December update.
    • Duke's original rifle stats were: HP- 140, Speed- 17, max damage- 27-32, Clip Size- 10, fire rate- 2.5 shots/s.
    • This makes him one of two characters who switched classes from the Christmas Update, the other being Red.
    • Duke has the highest health recovery of all characters, at -49 being 10, while 50+ Dukes have 10.5 health recovery. Billy has a base health recovery of 2, and heals only 3 of his HP when he does. This means Duke usually gains 11-13 HP every time he heals.
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